Accipiter Radar-Activated Waterfowl Deterrent System

State-of-the Art Waterfowl Radar-Activated Deterrent System Operation and Maintenance


Roughrider International Ltd.


Our skilled support staff can provide you with ongoing operation and maintenance of your complete Radar-Activated Deterrent System and information network. We can provide a complete service 24/7/365 Day & Night that guarantees 100% up time and ensures the radars and deterrent systems are always running at peak performance. We take complete responsibility, whatever your needs, we are located here in Fort McMurray to serve you.




Roughrider International Ltd.Roughrider has provided the highest standard of on-the-ground Operation and Maintenance care for the state-of-the-art, Accipiter Radar-Activated Deterrent System deployed at Syncrude since 2011.

  • Maintaining BirdAvert Floating Deterrents
  • Complete Refurbishment, Restoration & Cleaning
  • Installing BirdAvert Hyperspike Solar Power upgrade

Roughrider International Ltd.