Miawpukek Roughrider Ventures

Miawpukek is the traditional Mi’kmaw name for the community. “Miawpukek” is used as the name of the community in most documents produced by Miawpukek First Nation Government. Documents produced elsewhere most often uses “Conne River”. The name means “Middle River”.

Miawpukek became a permanent community sometime around 1822. Before 1822 it was one of many semi-permanent camping sites used by the local first nations people who were at the time still nomadic and traveling throughout the Mi’kmaq Domain of Newfoundland, Labrador, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Maine.

Miawpukek Reserve was established according to traditional oral history in 1870. It was officially designated as Samiajij Miawpukek Indian Reserve under the Indian Act in 1987. Most of the members, as of June 1985, are registered Indians. The ancestries of the community members include Mi’kmaq, Innu, Abenaki and European lines.

The membership is 787 on-Reserve and 1779 off-Reserve.

Since being established as a reserve in 1987, Miawpukek has gone from a poor, isolated community with almost 90% unemployment to a strong vibrant community with nearly 100% full time/part-time employment.

Miawpukek is one of the fastest growing communities in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador and often pointed to by Indian and Northern Affairs as a model community for other First Nations across Canada.

Roughrider International and Miawpukek have formed Miawpukek Roughrider Ventures Limited to pursue major economic development opportunity for the First Nation thru business opportunities, including providing manpower to businesses in the oil sands industry in the Wood Buffalo region of Alberta.

Miawpukek First Nations owns 51% and Roughrider International 49% respectively of Miawpukek Roughrider Ventures Limited which has regional offices located in both Fort McMurray Alberta and Conne River Newfoundland.

Currently Roughrider has 20% First Nations Content in its Overall work force including Senior Management postions

Conne River Office:
P.O. Box 10
Miawpukek Drive
Conne River, Newfoundland
A0H 1J0

Office: 403-243-1666
Fax: 403-243-1601

Employment Inquiries:
Laura Secord

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