Safety & Risk

As we’ve matured in this industry, our commitment to safety excellence has held strong. We consider our health, safety and environment performance to be a key business differentiator, particularly as our clients have continued to demand the best HSE from their suppliers. Excellence is about industry leadership, and by striving to be first and best in class we’re truly innovating in this respect.

By making safety a top management priority, we’re driving a top down priority on performance through all aspects of our business. Everyone is responsible for the wellbeing of each other and our habitat. To become leaders in safe work practices, we understand it begins with taking ownership and responsibility for the safe conduct of yourself and your environment. We drive towards a culture that truly emphasizes leadership and involvement with transparency in all acts. It’s a core component of our business to be leaders in striving to adopt the newest technologies, best practices and behaviors that deliver top safety results.

“Earning the right to grow and becoming the performer
of first choice through HSE excellence”.