About Us

Roughrider International specializes in creating highly customized energy solutions for managing, distributing and storing diesel and lubricants in the oils sands region of Northern Alberta.

Our operations group is experienced in hydrocarbon and lubrication analysis, and work to understand the business needs of mining operations. We provide deliverables that go beyond just fuel delivery and storage. This allows our partners to concentrate on their business side and maximize productivity while minimizing their overhead costs. This often requires coupling new technology with innovated equipment that is fully supported by qualified personnel so that it integrates seamlessly into the client’s business footprint.

We’ve built our business on safe, dependable and efficient service. As the Oil sands industry has grown, we’ve maintained our family values of customer service and employee satisfaction.

Our History and Legacy

We still see this industry as one that values a handshake and hard effort, sticking to our roots as an approachable company competing in a world of faceless corporations. Our customers value our distinctly family approach to business, working tirelessly to make things right.

When you look at our history, you can tell that the soil of this land is in our blood, something we take great pride in and incorporate into our business.

Our legacy goes back over 125 years to the establishment of the first independent fur-trading post in Fort Edmonton that paid cash for furs and establish a trading route between Edmonton the Athabasca Landing, Fort Chipewyan and Fort McMurray.

Equipment, Service and Support

We’ve focused our business around dedication to supporting and providing solutions for our customer’s needs. In doing so we’ve become a single stop solution provider.


Health, Safety & Environment

The safety of our people takes the utmost priority. It starts with taking ownership and responsibility for the safe conduct of yourself and the protection of those around you. We understand that safety is a community effort, but it requires effort from each individual and leadership from the top. Therefore we train our staff extensively and encourage the open expression of concern as industry leaders in safety and environment.


True Grit

Our rugged 125 years of history has forged a tangible ‘Grit’ to our work ethic, providing us with a genuine hard working character that gets the job done.

We have partner with some of the biggest players in the oil sands industries and through our integrated energy services and industry leading expertise we keep their operations moving efficiently.

Roughrider ‘Grit’ provides the traction, with solidity of character, indomitable spirit, stamina, and strength. These elements we incorporate into all of our business, being successful through a reliable sense of hard work and determination. Combining this genuine sense of character with industry leading expertise and integrated services makes us an invaluable component of the oil sands industry progress.

We work with organizations to map the big picture and apply the Roughrider mentality to accomplishing the long term goal, overcoming any challenges we’re presented with. Roughrider Energy Services is forging new directions with integrated advanced hydrocarbon and lubrication solutions.

Roughrider True Grit is the perseverance and passion for:

  1. Mapping and Understanding a clear goal
  2. Determination despite the odds or doubts
  3. Confidence in our capabilities
  4. Humility in the face of coming challenges
  5. Conquering fears, particularly of the unknown
  6. Patience to overcome any type of challenge
  7. A code of ethics we live by
  8. Flexibility and wisdom in learning new things
  9. A passion for human connection and cooperation
  10. A humbleness to recognize and use help when offered
  11. Enjoyment and appreciation for every step we take
  12. Recognition for the hard work and grit of others
  13. Loyalty towards those whom we share respect
  14. An inner strength that brings us to our goal